Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Beat Diabetes and You Can Too!

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I am Angry!

The Medical Establishment, Big Pharma, etc. let my Father die from diabetes, horribly; first taking a toe, then a  foot, then a leg, then death from a heart attack; all the while hiding the information that could have saved his limbs and perhaps prevented his heart attack.

I did not know that at the time of his illness. I just accepted it as part of the "normal" aging/dying process.

However, in April of 2009, I got bad news. I was diagnosed with diabetes!

My A1c (blood sugar measurement) was 7.5,(over 7 is diabetic) weight of 205Lbs (down from 217!) on a 5'8" sedentary frame, blood pressure of 161/94 on 2 meds,waist measure of 41 1/2", unable to run 1/2 mile without stopping (totally out of breath!)

The doctor advised me to start taking Metformin, an oral diabetic medication, similar to what my Father took. The one he took, Phenformin, had subsequently been pulled from the market as a liver and heart attack risk!

I realized I had seen this movie before and I did not like the ending!

I set to work researching alternative treatments on the Internet.

In less than 1 month, I, as an untrained layman, discovered the information that the Medical Establishment kept from my Father and millions of diabetics. They were prepared to do the same with me. I was Pissed!

I found out that Type 2 diabetes, the so-called Adult Onset version of diabetes that one typically gets in middle age, was preventable, treatable and yes, even curable using natural methods!

I quickly went to work. In a little over 3 months my diabetes was Gone!

In the past 3 years, I have showed dozens of people how to treat and sometimes cure their chronic, degenerative diseases: diabetes, asthma, acid reflux, arthritis, cancer, etc, all with the nutritional protocols I discovered that have been developed and proven by doctors and other health professionals.

If you would like to learn how to prevent, treat and beat your chronic, degenerative diseases or those of your loved ones, go back to the site you came from or click on this link, if you have shut the other browser window and sign up for my private coaching. I offer 2 weeks of my consulting free to qualified applicants.

Bill Young, AADE, Nutrition Therapy Coach
President, Apple Health Network, Inc
Philadelphia, Pa

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  1. Absolutely right about medical Establishment and Big Pharma. "Treating" diabetes is a multi-billion dollar scam.

    Kudos to you for seeking out the truth and taking control of your life. Many others have too. But our stories are drowned out in the deluge of disinformation spewed by the for-profit "health" industry. As an Ex-Diabetic myself, I have written a book detaing my experience